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The Team at Aquastars believe every child should be given the opportunity to swim safely and want your children to enjoy their lessons which plays a very important part in progression.  This is the key ingredient that I look for when employing new swimming teachers.  Not only do they need to have the correct qualifications; but also recognise the benefits of delivering swimming  lessons with a fun element whilst teaching the FUNdamentals of this amazing life skill.

As a Member of the Institute of Swimming  I hold a Level 2 ASA Certificate - MIOS a Child Protection qualification with many CPD’s. After teaching for many years I joined a local Private Health Club in Twickenham in 2004 as Head Coach Swimming Co-Coordinator and have since introduced an expansive and successful swim programme taking great pride in producing excellent results.   Myself and a great Team of Swim Teachers posses a wealth of experience and have taught babies, children and adults at many schools, swimming clubs, health centres, and local pools both in the Uk and overseas.

Donna Couch


About Us


Aqua Stars Swim School is a well established and popular swim school located in the centre of Twickenham at Archdeacon Cambridge School within their newly refurbished indoor heated pool. 

We work alongside the newly modified 'National Plan for Teaching Swimming' in association with the institute of Swimming (IOS), ASA and the Kellogs Awards Scheme.


Important Notice

Summer Term 2019

Summer Term:-  Tuesday 23rd April - Monday 22nd July.  Half Term Monday 27th May for 1 week. 

We are swimming early Bank Holiday Monday 6th May. 


Tuesday 28th May - Friday 31st May x 4 morning sessions at £48 pc. 

Our morning sessions currently start at 8.30 through til 10.30am and we are now taking bookings for this 4 day course so please get in touch with your time request asap. 


Monday 22nd July - Friday 26th July  

Monday 29th July - Friday 2nd August

Monday 5th August - Friday 9th August  

Monday 12th August - Friday 19th August

All summer crash courses are 5 morning sessions at £60 pw. 

Should you also be interested in our Summer Crash Courses these are available to book now! 

Tel 07891 024 310




Baby/Child:-  We offer two classes for Parents with children under the age of 3yrs.  Our Parent & Baby classes are aimed at babies under 1yr but must be a minimum of 3mths and would have had their initial vaccinations. The second class is offered to children approximately 1yr to 3yrs.  Parent/Guardian must be prepared to enter the water with any child under 3yrs and all children in these classes must wear an Aqua Nappy.

Pre Stage 1:- Children must be minimum of 3yrs happy to enter the pool and take part in class without parent/ guardian.  Parent & 

Stage 1:- Children must be minimum of 3.5yrs, water confident able to enter/ exit pool, travel with aid independently preferably with face in water. 

Stage 2:- Extremely water confident, travelling on front with aid blowing bubbles, travelling on back with ears in water with aid, happy to submerge without fear and jumping in happily. 

Stage 3:- Swimming 5m on front with rhythmical breathing, long arm paddle and kicking from hips.  5m on back in flat horizontal position with long leg kick from hips, recognised breast stroke leg kick. 

Stage 4:- Swimming 10m front crawl, back stroke and breast stroke ready to work on breathing technique and increase distance and introducing butterfly legs. 

Stage 5:- Swimming 15m with all four strokes (10m Butterfly) correct technique including breathing.

Stage 6:- Swimming 25m all four strokes perfectly.

All the above must be to the standard of “expected outcomes” recommended by ASA National Plan for Teaching Swimming.

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